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P.E.N. comprises of categorized suppliers, agents and buyers of educational books, technology, and other products and services.

It is the Universe of all the people, products and services which make education accessible to all.

Somebody here is connected to somebody you need to grow.”

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EdTech P.E.N. Plans


1. Business listing in P.E.N directory

2. Access Edtech P.E.N. business directory to buy/sell suitable products

3. Send Meeting Requests to up to 5 P.E.N members per month.

4. Lead generation, when relevant queries come to us

$12/Month or $45/Yr

1. Free +

2. One article reviewing your products/services (promoted on FB, twitter, reditt, email)

3. Send Meeting Requests to unlimited P.E.N members

4. Newsletter highlight

5. Preferential placement in business directory

6. Actively Promoted among buyers, if you sell

Partner Program (Discuss pricing)

1. $12 plan +

2. Lead generation, and Account Manager to convert leads into clients

Why join P.E.N.?

Imagine your Educational technology, products or books reaching students worldwide through this Six Degrees Network.

  • Discover business partners
  • Connect with educators
  • Find agents abroad
  • Develop business abroad without setting up shop
  • Get highlighted in P.E.N
  • Promote your products/services