Robots for Kids – Best Toys for Coding and STEM Skills

Robots for kids have application in education, extracurriculars and play time.

Robots are both entertaining and educating, and if you want to add some constructive element to the experience, you can get a robot kits for kids or coding robots.

They may sound complicated, but today’s kids have minds wired to take to technology like breathing.

Here are a few best robot toys with their fun, entertaining and educating features. This list has robots from small to big sizes, ‘build your own robot’ kits, programmable robots and even artificial intelligence-based robots.


  1. Dash

  2. Robots for kids - Dash

    Age: 6+ years

    Apps: Android, Apple and Kindle

    It’s called a child’s first real robot friend.

    You can operate this responsive robot with Apps like Wonder, Blockly, Go, Path and Xylo, which can be installed on a mobile phone or tablet to control this cute little robot for kids. It is one of the best robots for kids.

    Kids can make it draw, walk around the house on a path drawn using an app, play the Xylophone, blink, behaviour in a certain manner in loops or on condition-based behaviour.

    It has sensors, it responds to voice commands, and it sings, dances and navigates around your house without crashing into stuff. Dash will be your kid’s smart robot friend.

    It helps kids learn the fundamentals of coding like logical series, conditioning, loops, etc. even before they start reading. Kids can define Dash’s behaviour by drawing lines on Apps.

    You can buy various accessories to add to the fun—Sketch kit, Launcher, Xylophone, Building Brick Connectors, Bulldozer Bar, and A Dash-ing Look.


  3. Dot Creativity Kit

  4. dot creativity kit robot for kids

    Age: 6+

    Apps: Android, Apple and Kindle

    Dot is also a responsive robot. It’s cute and smart. It expresses emotions with light and sounds. It can even interact with Dash with the help of their compatibility programs.

    You can control Dot with the help of Apps like Wonder, Blockly and Go which have a lot of games and puzzles for kids.

    It is Bluetooth enabled and has sensors, and it teaches kids the fundamentals of coding.

    The Dot Creativity robot kit for kids includes Dot, an attachable stand, 10 costumes for Dot, 2 building brick connectors, 2 plastic to cardboard connectors, 20 project cards with games and activities, 1 squishy case, 1 constructible mood lamp, 100+ stickers, multiple project accessories, and 1 charging cable.

    Dash and Dot are compatible with Legos, therefore, you can make to look pretty and fun for kids.


  5. Cue Robots for Kids

  6. cue robots for kids

    Age: 11+

    Apps: Android, Apple and Kindle

    Cue is the latest and the smartest robot offered by Wonder Workshop. It is for kids of Age 11 years and above. It looks like Dash, but comes in different colours and is powered with smarter features and sensors. Among all robot toys for kids, this is quite hi-tech.

    It’s interactive and clever and will surprise you and your kids with various adorable things it does.

    It has three proximity sensors, real-time Bluetooth, IR robot interaction, three processors and sensor fusion, dual motors and potentiometers, three microphones and speaker, programmable LED and buttons, and two powered wheels and encoders.

    It works with the Cue App and can be bought in various superhero avatars. Kids can use code blocks or javascript to programme Cue.


  7. Makeblock mBot Kit

  8. mbot robot kit for kids

    For those looking for robot kits for beginners, mBot Robot is a great choice, as it offers building and programming by kids. It can be used by teachers to teach STEAM [1] concepts. It is programmed with Makeblock app, mBlock Blocky, and mBlock 5 for PC, which are Scratch powered. Programming mBot is gamified with block-based levels and achievements so that kids stay motivated while learning.

    This robot building kit has Bluetooth, ultrasonic sensors, Arduino open source system, and line following sensors. It is compatible with LEGO bricks and 300+ parts on Maker’s platform.

    It teaches kids about Robotics, Electronics, block-based Coding and Creativity.


  9. Makeblock mBot Ranger Kit

  10. mbot ranger kit

    This is an advanced version of mBot. It is a three-in-one kit, with which kids can construct a robot using 3 pre-set construction forms—off-road land raider, self-balancing nervous bird, and Dashing raptor. Kids can even build a robot to undertake activities using its 6 sensors—sound sensor, light sensor, gyroscope, temperature sensor, ultrasonic sensor, Me Auriga, Me line follower sensor—and 10 expansion interfaces.

    Like m Bot, this also requires block-based programming and teaches kids to code in a gamified environment.  It uses Arduino Mega 2560 main control board and is Bluetooth enabled.

    You can purchase a laser sword to use with mBot Ranger to add some fun element for kids. If you are looking for cool robots for kids, then this is a great option for you.


  11. Makeblock Ultimate 2.0

  12. ultimate 2.0 robot kit

    This 10-in1 robotics kit enables kids to learn to construct a robot. It has over 160 mechanical parts and modules that make robot making for kids fun and educative. It has a mainboard MegaPi is compatible with both Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

    The kit includes assembly guides for 10 robots like rolling tank, robotic ant, catapult ram and robotic bartender, which can be used to step by step create robots. Besides that, kids can use their own imagination to create various wonders.

    You can program it with the help of mBlock 3 (use with PC) and Makeblock (App).


  13. Makeblock Codey Rocky

  14. Image result for codey rocky

    Codey Rocky uses AI and IoT with, programming app. mBlock supports block-based and Python programming languages, and hence kids of both young and old age can use this robot.

    As AI and IoT are the technologies of the future, this robot makes a perfect took to help them understand their use from basics.

    There are two sides to this wonderful robot—Brainy and Agile.

    Brainy Codey has over 10 programmable electronic modules—LED display, light and voice sensors, speaker, gyroscope, gear knob, control buttons, infrared sensors, etc.. It teaches AI and IoT applications to kids, and teaches them how to animate and design games.

    Agile Codey makes it swirl, follow lines, navigate, dodge obstacles, and do a lot more fun things.


  15. WowWee Miposaur

  16. wowwee miposaur

    Another cool robot for kids, Mipasaur has a TrackBall, which it loves to follow. You can just activate the ball to have Miposaur do what you like. You can be program it with the help of a mobile app.


  17. WowWee MiP Robots for Kids

  18. wowwee mip robot for kids

    Ages: 5+

    WowWee MiP Robot is a self-balancing robot with LED lights and a host of functions that can make it dance, roam, sing, etc. It is a good robot for 5-year-old kids. Even older kids can have fun with it.

    You can program it to follow hand gestures and objects. WowWee MiP has 7 game modules and you can download its mobile app to start guiding it via Bluetooth. It even has sound detection sensors. It is well-priced and is available at various online and offline multi-brand stores.


  19. Anki Cozmo

  20. Anki cozmo robot

    Age: 8+

    This AI-based robot is interactive. You can program it to do the cutest things ever. It runs around, reacts with shock, love and anger, and uses its artificial intelligence to memorize routes, faces, names and other behaviours.

    This is a little robot with a big brain and a bigger personality. Its behaviour evolves as you interact with more and more. It becomes your kid’s best friend. When active, it nudges you to play with it and keeps you active.

    Cozmo comes with a power cube, with which it can play games like Keepaway and Quick Tap. You can program this sassy little robot with its iOS and Android Cozmo app.


  21. Anki Vector

  22. Anki vector robot

    Anki Vector is a sharper version of Cozmo. It is intuitive and it evolves its behaviour with the environmental inputs it picks with its sight and sound sensors. It is one of the most intelligent robots for kids. Anki Vector can also recognise paths and faces, remind you about activities, take photos, scan and show you media on its high Res colour display.


  23. Sphero Ollie

  24. Image result for sphero ollie

    If you are looking for action-packed robots for kids, then this fun, little robot for kids is fast and interesting. It has LED lights, which help you keep a track of it in the dark. Sphero Ollie can run on rough surfaces at a speed of up to 14 miles per hour.

    To navigate it, you can install its app on your smartphone. Sphero Ollie connects with the phone with the Bluetooth, till up to 100 feet.

    You can use it both indoors and outdoors. Just put the tyres on while using it outside, on rough terrains. You can change its tyres to whichever design and colour you fancy.


  25. Sphero BB-8

sphero bb8 robot

Age: 5+

Apps: Android and iOS

Sphero BB-8 is one of the Star Wars robots by Sphero. BB-8 is the endearing droid who accompanies Resistance pilot Poe Dameron in Start Wars Force Awakens. It is one of the cutest robots for kids.

You can program it with the help of an APP on your mobile device. Use Bluetooth to connect with the droid. It has strong exteriors and hence can be used on different kinds of surfaces. This smart droid can wander around and learn about a place on its own. You can command it to carry out holographic simulations from the Star Wars galaxy. It is waterproof and displays superb balance. BB-8 recognizes your voice.

We hope you like this list and have fun with one or more of these amazing robots for kids.

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