Adda247, Indic-AI Create Learning Content for Visually Impaired

indic-ai and adda 247

India-based edtech firm Adda247 collaborates with tech-driven company Indic-AI to make quality learning content available to differently-abled students. The edtech firm will offer pedagogical content that will be processed by Indic-AI for visually impared students through AI and deep learning.

By collaborating with Indic-AI, Adda247 will also address the financial challenges of educational mainstreaming faced by differently-abled students. This also helps solve the problem of unavailability of tailored and suitable educational programs for such students. This program will help adapt the learning content and its format for the needs of differently-abled students.

The two companies will focus on providing easy-to-grasp content to differently-abled students in different phases. This year, Adda247 will focus on students with over 40% vision, and from next year, they will provide quality content for mobility impaired and hearing and speech impaired students. The platform will use screen readers attached to mobile phones and laptops to aid visually impaired students.

Indic-AI has been providing free online registration for content since 15th May 2020. Adda247 envisions to become the first and largest company in India that provides accessible education. It aims to cater to over 2 million differently-abled students in the age groups of 5-29 years.

As per a report in BW Education, Anil Nagar, founder of Adda247, said, ?As a student-centric edutech firm we have always strived to deliver the best of content and innovation to our users. This joint initiative will help us further in justifying our purpose and realizing the business objectives. By providing ready to use streamlined content to the differently-abled students of our country, we are only performing our duteous task of serving the millions of students in the country, each with their own needs?.

Sarita Chand, founder of Indic-AI, said, “Indic-AI?s partnership with the leading mainstream edutech company Adda247 will help in forging a specialized content that is instantly accessible to differently-abled students. This will enable them to pursue high-quality education while also providing them opportunities for mentorship and employment support for them to gain financial independence. We are incorporating Deep Learning and Technology-based solutions to reduce the cost footprint of making content accessible and to make our offerings scalable. This noble initiative will go a long way in towards empowering the differently-abled students of India?

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