BBC Learning English – Courses & App Review

BBC’s Learning English programme is a repository of resources that help in learning basic, intermediate and advanced levels of English language.

BBC english learning courses

Test Your Knowledge Level

If you wish to learn english with BBC, you start by taking a test of your level of knowledge of the language.

After taking the test, the website will guide on which course to take to keep making progress.

There are three level tests on the website:

  1. Are you B1 (intermediate level)?
  2. Are you B2 (upper-intermediate level)?
  3. Are you C1 (advanced level)?

English Learning Courses at BBC

BBC has created bite-sized lessons

Each of the following learning levels are divided into Units, which are further divided into Sessions and Activities.

  • English My Way (basic): It has four units covering basic words and phrases that can help in everyday life.
  • Lower-intermediate: This section has 30 units covering various grammar lessons with topical sessions and activities.
  • Intermediate: This section has another set of 30 units covering more language fundamentals with topical sessions and activities.
  • Upper-intermediate: Move on to concepts like Mixed conditionals, Passive voice, and Irregular verbs.
  • Towards Advanced: In the advanced section, there are 30 units on Grammar, news, vocabulary and pronunciation.

Other courses on the website include

  • English You Need
  • Go the Distance
  • Shakespeare Speaks
  • Quizzes
  • 5 days to become a best listener
  • 5 days to improve your pronunciation

Besides these, there are lessons on:

  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Pronunciation
  • English in the News
  • English at Work
  • Stories for Children

All the courses have a logical progression and teach through topical sessions and activities. Children, adults, and professionals can learn English easily through the lessons and quizzes on the website.

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BBC’s English Learning APP

There is an app available for iOS and Android. It offers learning lessons, transcripts and quizzes that help you grow every day.

They recommend that to learn better, you do these steps:

  1. Watch or learn lessons without the text to develop listening skills
  2. Watch or learn with text to develop reading skills
  3. Take quizzes to practice lessons

BBC for Teachers


The website has a Teacher’s Room that offers resources and tips on Teaching Word Stress, Error Correction, Teaching vocabulary, Making reading engaging, grammar activities, using songs, using videos, collaborative writing, and using social media.

Stay tuned for more education technology resources.


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