Best 17 3D Pens, 30 Printing Ideas & Templates

3D pens have revolutionised 3D printing. 3D Pens can help materialise creative art and craft ideas in three dimensions.

These days, every artist, kid, hobbyist, design professional and 3d printing enthusiast can doodle something exciting in three dimension with just a pen.

In this article, we will talk about Uses of 3d pens, How to use or handle a 3D pen, a list of best 3d printing pens (including 3d pens for kids and art and cheap 3d pens), 3D pen filament, 3D pen templates, and 3D Pen Ideas.

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  4. 3D Pen Filament
  5. 3D Pen Templates and Stencils

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3D Pen Templates – Video

Applications / Uses of 3D Pens

A 3D pen can be used as both a serious tool or a toy. Some of the applications of 3d pens include:

a. Education: 3D pens are great STEM learning tools. They are not as elaborate as 3D printers and do not require much knowledge of design softwares. 3D pens can be used in Mathematics to draw geometric shapes, in Science to create models like organs and molecules, and in architecture of modelling.

b. Design and product development: Hobbyists and professionals can use 3D pens to create prototypes of products like accessories and machinery parts. 3D pens are very handy to create initial models of design concepts.

c. Art and craft: 3D pens can be used to make sculptures, fine art and craft. Both professionals and hobbyists widely use this tool to bring their imagination to life.

d. Finishing and repairing 3D prints: If you have create or are creating a product with 3D printing, then 3D pens can help finish or repair your final products. They are very handy in fixing hard-to-reach areas of a 3D printed thing.

How to Use a 3D Pen

How does a 3D pen work?

There are two types of 3D pens available in the market–hot and cold 3D pens. Both use different mechanisms to extrude liquid filaments that solidify upon extrusion.

Users can create designs on a surface in 2D or lift their 3D pen while extruding to draw up in 3D.

a. Hot 3D Pens

In hot 3D pens, a filament is inserted in the pen. The filament is melted by the pen with heat, just like a glue gun. The filament solidifies due to the air around it as it is extruded from the pen.

Here are some hot 3D pens:

  • 3Doodler
  • 3Dsimo Basic
  • Scribbler Duo

b. Cold 3D Pens

Cold 3D pens work in the opposite manner than hot 3D pens. They use ink, which is a photosensitive resin, that solidifies due to exposure to UV light when extruded from the pen.

Here are some examples of cold 3D pens:

  • IDO3D Vertical
  • CreoPop3

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17 Best 3D Printing Pens

a. 3D Pens for Kids / Cheap 3D Pens

Here is a list of best 3D pens for kids. These 3D pens for children are popular for their features and accessories that are perfect for use by kids.

1. 3Doodle Start

3doodler start 3d pens

Age: 6+ years

There are four 3Doodle Start kits available for students and educators. This is one of the best 3D pens. They come with a child-safe pens or stylo, 3Doodler app, BPA-free plastic strands or filament, activities, and stencils.

Here’re three types of 3Doodler Start kits:
a. 3Doodler Start Essentials
Promote creativity, design, planning, building and spatial understanding.

b. 3Doodler Start – Figurines
To make pose-able figurines and learn about ball-joint interactions & movements

c. 3Doodler Start – Architecture
Create miniature cities and iconic structures and illuminate them with light.

d. 3Doodler Start – Robotics
Create two, four or six-legged robots.

c. 3Doodler EDU Start Learning Pack
Six Pens; two student kits, one plastic strand kit, and one teacher kit with lesson plans, teacher’s checklist, and more.

2. Scribbler Nano 3D drawing pen

scribbler nano 3d drawing pen

Age: All ages

Scribbler Nano comes with a 3D drawing pen, filament, and power supply. Its LED screen informs you about the temperature of the tip. The temperature can be adjusted as required. It works with ABS and Plastic filaments.

3. Scribbler V3

scribbler V3 3d pen

Age: All ages

Scribbler V3 pen comes with PLA filament in different colors and easy-to-follow instructions. It is affordable. It can work with different types of filament. It’s available in Purple Metallic, Silver Metallic, Blue Metallic, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White colors.

4. Tecboss 3d pen dinosaur

Tecboss 3d pen dinosaur

Age: 5+ years

This cute 3d pen for kids comes in four cute colors, and has an LED guide that tells you when the pend is ready to use. It inspires creativity, design, planning, building and spatial understanding. It has two speed levels and two filament modes. If it stays idle for 15 modes, this 3d printing pen will automatically go into sleep mode.

5. MYNT3D 3D PEN Junior – Safe low temperature 3D pen

MYNT3D 3D PEN Junior - Safe low temperature 3D pen

This 3d pen for kids has an ergonomic design that is easy to use for kids. The temperature is controlled, so that kids are safe while using it. This 3d kids pen works with PCL filament. It comes with a USB Cable for charging, stencils, and rolls of filament. It’s a cheap 3D pen for kids.

Other Cheap and Best 3D Pens:

6. SCRIB3D P1 3D Printing Pen with Display (Bonus Set)

SCRIB3D P1 3D Printing Pen with Display

Age: 6+ years

This 3d pen uses PLA or ABS filament and can be used for doodling. It has a 2-minute auto sleep function. The LCD screen on it displays temperature. It features a ceramic nozzle for safe use.

7. MYNT3D Super 3D Pen

MYNT3D Super 3D Pen

Age: All ages

This 3D pen has a ultrasonic sealed nozzle that doesn’t clog easily. It can be used by artists and engineers. It can be used with both ABS and PLA filaments.

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b. Best 3D Art Pens

8. 3Doodler Create+

Age: 14+ years

Here’s a 3D printing pen with improved power and durability. This can be used by printing enthusiasts, artists and designs. These come with activity books and filaments in various colors.

Here’re different types of 3Doodler Create+ kits:
a. 3Doodler Create+
A durable 3D printing pen with 15 filament colors.

b. 3Doodler Create Plus – Master Creator
Filaments in 70 colors let you create accessories, figurines, sculptures and more.

9. Lix Pen UV

Age: 12+ years

You can write and draw in the air with Lix Pen UV 3D pen. The pen has quick melt and cool technology. You can use colored filament to create rigid and freestanding structures. You can use ABS and PLA filament with the Lix Pen UV 3D pen.

10. Scribbler 3D Pen Duo

scribbler duo 3d pens

Age: All ages

Scribbler Duo comes with a 3D design pen, power supply, plastic filament, and a stencil book. It is perfect for drawing, model printing, creating art, and craft projects.

It has 6 extrusion speed levels (1 for slow and 6 for fast). You can also set the filament heating temperature from 100 to 240 degrees Celsius, allowing you to use different types of filament.

With this pen, you can use ABS, PLA, wooden, flexible, bronze, copper, and plastic filament.

11. MYNT3D Professional 3D Printing Pen

MYNT3D Professional 3D Printing Pen

Use Mynt3D pen for drafting, prototyping, spatial learning, and 3D sculpting. It has speed and temperature control that makes 3D printing safe and efficient. Its OLED display indicates temperature and battery level. It can be used with both ABS and PLA filaments. It comes with a power adapter.

12. Tecboss 3D pen SL 300

Tecboss 3D pen SL 300

Age: 5+ years (also for adults)

Use it with ABS or PLA filament. It comes with a drawing board, stencils, a power adapter and a pen holder. OLED display shows the type of filament in use and the pens temperature. Comes with two finger protectors to cover index finger and thumb while using the 3D pen.

13. CoLiDo 3D Pen

CoLiDo 3D Pen has a self-retracting nozzle. It aluminum structure is sleek. It uses PLA and ABS filaments. It weighs about 70 grams and is easy to manoeuvre. Comes with a power cord and packs of PLA and ABS filaments.

Other 3d pens for professionals and adults:

14. CreoPop 3D Pen

CreoPop 3D Pen

This 3D pen is designed in a way that there are no hot parts. It uses photopolymers and has an LED screen that shows when the pen is ready to use. The inks used in this 3D print pen include elastic, magnetic, glow-in-the-dark, aromatic and body paint inks. You’ll even find ink that conduct electricity to make school science projects, and ink that changes color with temperature. It is one of best professional 3D pens.

15. SkyWriter 3D Pen

SkyWriter 3D Pen

This is the best 3D print pen in the lightweight category, as it is easy to use for projects that might take longer to create. It comes with a stand-up holder. It features a no-clog nozzle. It prints with both ABS and PLA filament types.

16. Dikale 07A

Dikale 07A

This pen is thin, light and comfortable to use. It is cheap, as well. It uses a mini USB-to-USB cord for charging. It can be used with both PLA and ABS filament. The pen reaches use-temperature in about 30 seconds.

17. 3Dsimo MultiPro

3Dsimo MultiPro

This versatile and professional 3d pen comes with various attachments including 3D drawing, soldering, burning, and resistance wire cutter. It can be used to cut plastic, foam and plexiglass, make prototypes, customize leather or wood, saw plywood and balso, drill to engrave and grind, and screw and unscrew.

3D Pen Filaments

a. ABS Filament

b. PLA Filament

c. PCL Filament

d. Nylon Filament

3D Pen Templates and Stencils

Here are some 3D pen designs that you can take inspiration from. These ideas for 3D pens have been curated from various popular and reliable sources.

3D pen templates for kids and hobbyist

We’ll start with some fun 3D pen templates for kids. Some of these 3d pen templates are easy to follow and make for kids.

1. Bookworm Bookmark

bookworm bookmark 3d pen template
Source: Template for bookworm bookmark made with a 3d Pen

2. Sand molds made with 3D Pens

Source: Stencils for sand molds made with a 3d Pen

3. Dinosaur fossil 3D pen template

Source: Stencil for dinosaur fossil made with a 3d Pen

4. Butterfly 3d pen template

Source: Template for butterfly made with a 3d Pen

5. Bobblehead cowboy 3d pen template

Source: Stencil for bobblehead cowboy made with a 3d Pen

6. Windmill 3D Pen Stencil

Source: Template for windmill made with a 3d Pen

7. 2D character templates

Source: 2D figures 3D pen template

8. Glasses 3D pen templates

9. Mask 3D templates

10. Famous landmarks 3d pen templates

11. Golden gate bridge

Source: Golden gate bridge 3D pen stencil

12. Tuk Tuk 3D pen stencil

Source: Tuk Tuk 3d pen template

13. 3D ship template

Source: 3D ship template

14. Flexi coin purse 3D pen stencil

Source: Coin purse 3d pen stencil

15. Flexi duck 3D pen template

Source: Flexi duck 3d pen stencil

16. 3d pen Airplane template

Source: 3D pen template for an airplane

17. Helicopter 3d pen stencil

Source: 3D pen template for a helicopter

Useful 3D pen prints / 3D pen prints for gifts

18. Photobooth props

Source: Stencils for photobooth props made with a 3d Pen

19. Geometric Coasters

Source: Template for geometric coaster made with a 3d Pen

20. Coffee mug decoration 3D pen stencil

Source: 3D pen stencil for mug decoration

21. Bird feeder 3D pen template

Source: Stencils for bird feeder made with a 3d Pen

22. Camper napkin holder 3d pen template

Source: Camper napkin holder 3d pen template

23. Gift Tags

Source: Stencils for gift tags made with a 3d Pen

24. Cord holder 3D pen stencil

Source: Template for cord holder made with a 3d Pen

25. Lotus lamp 3D template

Source: Template for lotus light made with a 3d Pen

26. Earrings

Source: Template for floral earrings made with a 3d Pen

27. Jewellery holder 3D pen template

Source: Template for jewellery holder made with a 3d Pen

3D pen printed stuff for office or study

28. Paper clip marker 3d pen template

Source: 3D pen template for paper clip marker

29. Paper clips template

Source: Paper clip 3D template

30. City skyline

Source: Toronto skyline 3d pen template

We will soon upgrade this article to add more 3D pen templates, stencils and ideas. Stay tuned for it!

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