BETT 2019 Highlights – VR, AI, Robots, and Makerspaces

BETT 2019
BETT 2019

BETT 2019 was held at the home for BETT at London Excel, from 23rd to 26th January. It is the world’s biggest education technology event.

This year, the show brought together over 850 companies, 103 EdTech startups and over 34,700 attendees.

The participants and attendees represented 131 countries.

Exhibitors at BETT 2019

The products that, as we observed, attracted most of the schools and businesses include VR, Robotics and products that support learning by Making.

  • There were 56 exhibitors who offered robotic products
  • Hands-on learning systems were offered by about 73 suppliers
  • Coding products were offered by 62 companies at BETT 2019
  • STEM products were offered by 123 exhibitors
  • Twenty-three companies offered AR/VR
  • Game-based learning/gamification was offered by 59 exhibitors
Robotics at BETT 2019
Robotics at BETT 2019

Programmes at BETT 2019

There were presentations and discussions on the following popular topics for learners, educators, policy makers, investors, and EdTech entrepreneurs.

These insightful topics not only illuminate about the current state and contribution of education technology but also will set trends for the future.

  • Learning to code when blind – Inclusivity though Project Torino
  • Space: the next frontier in education
  • Preparing students for jobs that don’t exist: Teesside University
  • Impact of computing learning opportunities on attainment
  • STEM 360: From Gifted STEM to STEM4All
  • A day in the life of a digitally enabled child
  • Digital Skills: K-12 curriculum transformation on a country-scale
  • Sparking 21st-century learning in your classroom
  • Coding in Barcelona to improve learning in India
  • Leveraging cloud innovation in education
  • Embracing diversity with education technology
  • Education policy: Too precious to be left to the politicians
  • Putting impact at the heart of your Edtech procurement
  • The 2018 education innovation index
  • Technology promotes inclusion and supports SEN in Early Years
  • Delivering virtual labs – pilot review with Google, Labster and Lenovo
bett 2019 VR
  • Teachers as learners: A little more knowledge lights our way
  • Empowering your students to become critical consumers of the news
  • Coding in cross-curricular lessons
  • Connecting students to jobs of the future through app development
  • How can school Makerspaces impact pupil engagement
  • Augmented Reality in education
  • Artificial intelligence for real classrooms
  • Are VR and AI the latest Edutech fad?
  • Measuring the impact of emerging technologies in education
  • Inspection, safety and security online
  • Fake news: How can technology help separate fact from fiction
  • Wiser internet for education – 3r’s of good internet education
  • Understanding dyslexia, recognising the minds of the future
  • Why we should be teaching our children to be hackers
  • Working smarter not harder
  • Music technology: reach your full potential
  • Empowering learning through cognitive fitness and healthy habits
  • We need to talk about mental health and wellbeing

Who should attend BETT and HOW?


  • Register yourself on their website as an attendee to get updates about the event.
  • Download the BETT 2020 app to plan the programmes you want to attend and the suppliers you wish to visit.
  • Set notifications on app to be aware of the dates and timings of your preferred programs.
  • Access the floor plan on app to locate places and suppliers easily.

Exhibitors – CEOs and Business developers

  • Book a stand, book stand set-up & marketing collateral, and book accommodation and travel
  • Download BETT 2020 app and use Connect@BETT to fix meetings
  • Fix meetings with businesses and schools, using other marketing and business development strategies, so that you can make the most of your time at BETT
  • UK Edutech providers can use BESA services to meet relevant buyers from across the globe
  • Walk around to benchmark and trend the market, so that you can plan your product and marketing for future success


In 2020, BETT promises to do more to offer more value to visitors and focus on real needs of Education.

For more information on BETT 2020 and for registration, visit their website.

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Shivani Ahuja (@AhujaShivani) is Editor & Founder at EduTech Post, where she covers business and other trends in the edtech industry. Reach her at theedutechpost [at] gmail [dot] com.

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