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Duolingo Raises $10M in a Quiet Transaction

Pennsylvania-based edtech platform Duolingo raised $10 million in venture capital from General Atlantic, as per an SEC filing. General Atlantic will take a board observer seat, as per the language learning platform. In December 2019, Duolingo became a unicorn with a valuation of $1.5 billion after raising $30 Million in a Series F funding round

Preschool edtech startup Lingumi raises ?4m, offers free lessons during COVID-19 Crisis

London-based Lingumi, an English learning platform for preschoolers, has raised ?4 million in a funding round led by China-based technology fund North Summit Capital and other investors including LocalGlobe, ADV and Entrepreneur First. North Summit Capital fund is run by Alibaba?s former Chief Data Scientist Dr Min Wanli. Lingumi was launched in 2017. It teaches

Top 5 Essential Remote Learning Tools for Higher Ed

With the landscape of education changing with lockdowns across the globe, remote learning is becoming the new norm. Over the years, edtech has been adopted in Higher education in different forms in both remote and in-class education formats?live streaming, online assessments, video learning, e-learning material access, online classrooms, e-certifications, digital display of learning material in

UIncept, an Indian Incubator and Accelerator, Launches Incubation Program for EdTech Startups

UIncept is an incubator and accelerator based in Gurugram, India. It is currently inviting applications for an Incubation program for edtech, e-learning, skill-tech, and other allied?startups in Idea and Early stages. Any company or individual with an idea or an existing solution in the given fields with the potential to become a scalable business model