– Free Coding Lessons for Students and Educators or Code Studio is the pioneer of Computer Science education for K-12 students.

Code Studio, led by Hadi Partovi, is a non-profit platform that aims to provide Computer science education opportunities to every student in every school in the world.

It offers free coding lessons for students and educators. Over 20 million projects have been created by learners on the platform.

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Its Hour of Code initiative introduces students to computer science education through short lessons and activities.

The Annual Hour of Code is organized every year during Computer Science Education Week to celebrate and promote the goal. Millions of students worldwide join the Annual Hour of Code by organizing or participating in the event. has 39 Activity partners like Codemonkey, Tynker, Khan Academy, Scratch, and Sphero, who have created plugged and unplugged coding activities and tutorials for teaching, learning and practicing coding.

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The platform provides a detailed K-12 computer science curriculum with tutorials, activities, and lesson plans.

You can undertake any course without creating any account. To be able to save your progress and get reports on your learning, you need to sign up for an account.

You do not need any prior knowledge of coding to undertake the courses for teachers or students on

As it is promoting the creation of a workforce of future programmers, it is supported by tech giants like Microsoft, Facebook, the Infosys Foundation, and Google.

It also promotes learning coding among women and underrepresented minorities, making it a popular choice among the best Coding for Kids websites. user stats user stats for students

‘21,583,521,883 lines of code written by 24 million students.’ –

For students, there are well-planned coding courses for Grades K-5, and Grades 6-12 on In supplement to this, they have Hour of Code activities from Minecraft, Frozen, Star Wars, etc.

They also have a platform where you can find local computer science after-school programs, summer camps, or schools to learn in person.

Its K-5 courses cover fundamentals of coding to create art, stories and games?loops, conditionals, functions, etc.

With courses for Grades 6-12, students can learn block coding, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. With them you can learn to make Apps, games and websites.

It also recommends K-12 courses from other developers like Scratch, Tynker, Hopscotch, Dash & Dot (Robotics), Codesters, and Mozilla.

For University level, does not have its own courses, but it recommends courses from Harvard, W3Schools, Codeacademy, etc.


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For educators,, has courses as per grades?CS fundamentals, Pre-reader express, CS fundamentals: Express, CS discoveries, CS principles, and Professional learning for all grade levels. for teachers

Every K-5 course for students has a corresponding training course for teachers, with videos and interactives. For every course there are lesson plans for teachers including teacher prep guides, assessment, worksheet, teacher video, storybooks, reflection journal, etc.

For Grades 6-12, teachers have computer science courses as well as courses on how to use computer science for Science, Algebra and classes for other subjects.

Teachers can also access their Hour of Code activities and tutorials to incorporate in lessons and workshops. Tools

Besides courses and lesson plans for teachers and students, has tools like App Lab, Game Lab, Web Lab, Play Lab, Artist tool, Widgets and Video Library to teach, learn, practice and promote coding.

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In today’s world, computing skills are necessary in almost every industry including manufacturing, agriculture, medicine, art, and architecture.

With the advent of machine learning, artificial intelligence and adaptive learning, the tech world is witnessing huge shifts in trends. This means more demand for Computer Science professionals.

We can start prepping for the technologically advanced world by learning and teaching Computer Science like any other subject in the classroom.

Learn and teach how to make art, stories, games, apps and websites with Be a part of the democratization of Computer Science education.

Happy coding!


Other websites to learn coding for beginners:

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