CodeGym Launches Campaign to Create Success Opportunities for Students

CodeGym for education

CodeGym, an online platform for learning Java programming language, initiated an innovative educational project. This coding for kids initiative aims to help high school, college and university students learn Java language.

As part of the campaign, during the school year 2020/2021, students will receive free access to the CodeGym learning platform. The platform hosts an interactive Java course.

Ali?e Korzh, Communications Manager of CodeGym Educational campaign:

?Since its inception, CodeGym has attracted the attention of educators. Perhaps, looking for additional didactic materials, Computer Science teachers found our course, and they liked it.

We began to receive regular feedback from students whose teachers recommended solving CodeGym exercises during their university CS courses. We received letters from the teachers themselves asking if we have special subscriptions for students.?

This is not an accident. The fact is that the CodeGym course contains a huge number of practical Java problems and the solution code is validated automatically. Teachers, as a rule, do not have time to check the correctness of 70 practical code tasks per week for each student in the class and give feedback on each.

In turn, CodeGym has a feedback system and tells you if something goes wrong with your code. On the platform, students receive regular practice in Java with verification and feedback.

There are more than 1200 such tasks in CodeGym for most of the Core Java topics. Thus, the teacher frees up time for preparing in-depth lectures, answering questions, and also for working with personal projects of students who have already got appropriate Java language practice?.

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What is CodeGym for education institutions?

Well-structured Core Java Course: CodeGym is mostly a practical course, but it also contains story-based Core Java lectures. This is exactly a holistic course with tasks, not just a collection of coding tasks. 

The course is gamified: You need to solve a certain number of problems, so that you get enough points to move to a new lecture or a new level. Also students can get some funny achievements walking through the CodeGym course. 

Private Group for class participants: A teacher and all class participants get a special private group access, wherein the teacher can add or exclude students from the class anytime. 

80% Practice: All 1200+ tasks are available for free for all class participants, hence it makes learning accessible.

Virtual mentor or rather a virtual smart system, that verifies the solutions, gives recommendations, and helps fix mistakes.

Class progress monitoring:  It?s a special tool for teachers to track students’ progress.

Class leaderboard: See all the students in the overall ranking. The rating depends on the number of solved problems and passed levels.

IntellijIDEA integration: In CodeGym students can start learning right away with the most popular professional Java IDE IntelliJ IDEA. There is a special plugin for the course. 

CodeGym course for educational institutions is available from October 9, 2020. 

Story behind CodeGym

CodeGym was created by a professional Java programmer keeping in mind future programmers.

Before originating a CodeGym startup in 2018, the course creator worked as a Senior Java Developer and tutored some of his friends to program as a volunteer. 

In just one year CodeGym got 450,000 users worldwide. The developers are constantly improving the course and replenishing it with new tasks, lectures and educational articles. And so it will continue.

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