Colorado Receives $44 Mn for Online Learning, School Districts

Colorado (USA) will receive $44 million from the Governor?s Emergency Education Relief Fund. The money received by the state will be allotted to schools and higher education institutions, school districts, and Colorado Empowered Learning, the state’s online learning support program.

The Governor?s Emergency Education Relief Fund has $30.8 billion allotment in the federal CARES Act. The relief fund is distributed among the U.S. states as per their population of young adults and school-age children.

As per a report in The Gazette, the 43rd governor of Colorado Jared Polis said, ?we are grateful to our federal partners for providing flexible funding that we can utilize to support Colorado students from preschool to higher education, increase capacity in rural areas, and invest in innovative approaches to improving student learning that can be replicated and scaled for years to come.?

Out of the total funding received by the state, $33 million will be used for education innovation to help address the learning challenges that have arisen due to the pandemic. Priority will be given to solutions that address families that are at a disadvantage from the pandemic and schools that struggle on performance metrics and to proposals from rural areas.

About $5-6 million will be allotted to the online learning initiative of the state. The online learning platform has over 200 online courses, and one take core classes on it for $135.

Around $3 million will be used to hire teachers in subject areas where finding the right candidates is challenging. Lastly, $1 million will be used to offer aid to college and university students who are not covered under other federal assistance.

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