150 Cool 3D Printing Ideas – Useful Things to 3D Print

What can you make with a 3D printer?

Here we have a compiled list of 150?3D printing ideas you can try at home and in school. You will also find it useful if you are looking for 3D printing business ideas.

We have categorised these ideas under different areas like 3D prints for?Home, Kitchen, Utility Accessories, Office & Study, and Fashion, so that you can easily choose the 3D prints of your interest.

3D printed items can be quite sturdy when designed well. You can use your creations yourself or gift them to someone.

We have compiled a list of the most useful things to 3D print in various categories. This list can be used by students, teachers, 3d print businesses, makerspace organizers, and 3d printing enthusiasts. We have had creating a lot of these items, and we hope that you enjoy making them, too.

You no longer need to wonder, ?What can 3D printers make??. Choose what you like from this extensive list of exciting 3d print ideas and have fun printing!

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Kitchen and Dining 3D printing ideas

This list has things to 3D print for kitchen. Make your kitchen high-tech or gift printed items them to your parents, friends and colleagues to make their cooking and dining activities go smoothly. You’ll find various ideas in this section from coasters, to knife covers, openers, cupholders, and cutlery.

We have tried printing many of these fun items, and some of them even look like products purchased from the market. Careful calibration and planning of a 3d design can give amazing results.

At the end of this section, you’ll also find instructions on how to 3d print kitchen-safe products. This will help you create items that are safe for everyday use.

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  1. Measuring cups
3D printing ideas - measuring cup
Source: technabob.com

Read more about this 3D print.


  1. Coasters
coaster 3D print
Source: pinshape.com

Link to the above 3D printed coaster.


cool 3d print coaster
Source: cgtrader.com

Read more about the above 3D printed maze coaster.


  1. Bottle openers, one-hand opener
bottle opener 3D printed
Source: pinshape.com

Link to Pinshape.com openers.


bottle opener 3D printing ideas
Source: thingiverse.com

Read more about this 3D printed opener that’ll make your life a tad easy.


  1. Citrus juicers
citrus juicer 3D print
Source: pinterest.com


citrus juicer 3D print
Source: thingiverse.com

Read more about the above 3d print of a citrus juicer.


  1. Chip clips
Chip clips 3D printing idea
Source: etsy.com

Read more about this 3D printing idea.


  1. Cup holders
Cup holder 3D printed
Source: pinterest.com


3D printed cup holder
Source: makexyz.com


  1. Cookie cutters
Cookie cutter 3D printed
Source: oldbridgelibrary.org


Cookie cutter 3D printing
Souecw: ebay.com


  1. Egg cups
egg cup 3D printing ideas
Source: Pinterest.com


egg cup, what to make with a 3D printer
Source: Pinterest.com


  1. Chopsticks
chopsticks 3d printed stuff
Source: pinterest.com


  1. Chopstick helper
chopstick helper, useful 3D printed things
Source: thingiverse.com

Link to the chopstick trainer design from Thingiverse.


  1. Salt and pepper shaker
Salt and pepper shaker, 3D prints for kitchen
Source: cargocollective.com


  1. Nut cracker
nut cracker 3D print
Source: cgtrader.com


  1. Knife Sheath
knife sheath 3D printed
Source: MakeXYZ.com


  1. Orange peeler
orange peeler 3d print
Source: pinterest.com


  1. Egg separator
egg separator 3d print
Source: AliExpress.com


  1. Garlic press
garlic press
Source: Baggood.com



garlic press 3D print
Source: Yeggi.com


  1. Basket
basket 3D printed
Source: Wanelo


  1. Bowl
3D printed bowl
Source: Pinshape.com


  1. Measuring spoon
measuring spoons 3d print
Source: Thingiverse.com


  1. Teapot and cup
tea cup set 3d printed
Source: brittle.design


  1. Cutlery
3D printed cutlery
Source: thecutleryreview.com (Fancy, eh?)


  1. Cutlery holder with drainer
cutlery holder with drainer 3d print
Source: designswan.com


  1. Sipper glass
sipper glass
Source: thingiverse.com

Read more about the 3D printed sipper.


  1. Beer can mug
beer can mug
Source: imgur.com


  1. Perfect peg maker
drink/peg maker 3d printed
Source: pinterest.com


  1. Pet bowl
pet bowl 3D print design
Source: thingiverse.com


Precautions to be taken for health safety, while 3D printing kitchenware:

For kitchenware to be used with food, it’s recommended to use a Food safe filament, for example, food safe PLA.

Coat the object with a food-safe sealant, so that food doesn’t get stuck in cervices.

Use warm water with anti-bacterial soap for cleaning instead of a dishwasher, which may melt the object.

Also, preferably, use a steel extruder on your 3D printer, instead of a barss one, which may contain lead.


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Bathroom 3D printing ideas

Here are some bathroom items to make with a 3D printer. These are some of the best things to 3D print to make your shower experience fun.

In this list, you’ll find aesthetic and fun things like shower heads, toilet roll holders, soap trays, etc. and utility and innovative items like tube squeezers, hair trap, toothbrush stands, etc.?You’ll also find links for sophisticated 3d printed things like faucets.

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  1. Cool Shower head
Shower heads 3D printed
Source: 3ders.org


  1. Tube squeezer
Tube squeezer 3d print
Source: Thingiverse.com


  1. Drain covers/hair trap
3D printed things, hair trapper
Source: Shapeways.com

Link to Shapeways.


  1. Toothbrush holder/Spoon stand
toothbrush holder 3d printed
Source: Michael Herbert


  1. Toilet paper holder
toilet paper holder 3D printed
Source: Thingiverse.com

Read more about this cute 3D printed lego man toilet paper holder.


  1. Soap dish
soap dish 3d print
Source: 3dprintspecialist.com.au


  1. Faucet
Facuet, 3D printing ideas for bathroom
Source: 3D Print Shop


Read about 3D printing process for kids and the best 3D printers for schools.

Classroom, Office or Study 3D printing ideas

Explore the following list for some cool 3d prints for your office or study space. You can even gift them to a friend, parent, sibling, or colleague.


  1. Pen holder
pen holder 3d print
Source: Digital Trends


  1. Desk organiser
desk organiser 3D printed
Source: Thingiverse.com


  1. Smart phone stands
smart phone holder 3d print
Source: pinshape.com


  1. Cryptex for USB drives
usb cryptic 3d print idea
Source: pinterest.com


  1. Embossing clip
embossing clip 3d print
Source: pinterest.com


  1. Paper clip
paper clips 3d printed
Source: pinterest


bookmark 3d printed
Source: pinterest.com


bookmark 3d print
Source: cgtrader.com


  1. Business card case
business card case 3d print
Source: solidmack.com


  1. Clutch pencil
clutch pencil 3d print
Source: Makezine.com


  1. Laptop stand
laptop stand 3d print
Source: technabob.com


  1. Tablet stand
tablet stand, cool things to 3d print
Source: thingiverse.com


  1. Paper weight
paper weight 3d print
Source: instructables.com


  1. Post-it box
post-it box 3d printed
Source: makexyz.com


  1. Desk lamp
Desk lamo 3d print
Source: Thingiverse.com


  1. Snap-on portal books stand
snap-on portal book stand 3d print
Source: 3Dprint.com


  1. Postage stamp holder
postage stamp holder 3d print
Source: Shapeways.com


  1. Page holder
3d printed page holder
Source: Pinterest.com


  1. Money clip
money clip batman 3d print
Source: pinterest.com


  1. Wrist support
mouse wrist support 3d print
Source: pinshape.com


  1. Pencil holder
pencil holder 3d printed design
Source: Pinterest.com


  1. 3D Branding
3d google drive logo
Source: mkrclub.com

Toys & Activities 3D printing ideas

If you have a vivid imagination, then check out cool things to 3d print to play with. You can even use some of these for activities like fishing, gardening and playing the guitar.

  1. 3D puzzles
3d printed 3d puzzle
Source: Shapeways.com


3d printed puzzles
Source: shapeways.com


  1. Unicorn and other figures
unicorn figures 3d print
Source: pinterest.com


  1. Doodle printing
doodle 3d printing
Source: pinterest.com


  1. Hinge for cardboard makedo
hinges for cardboard make
Source: Thingiverse.com


  1. Connect-and-build blocks
3d printed blocks
Source: F.A.T. Lab


  1. Kite spool
kite spool 3d print
Source: Pinshape.com


  1. Faux Fossils
fossil fish 3d print
Source: sscltech.com


  1. Whistle
whistle 3d print
Source: learningismessy.com


  1. Party eye glasses
party eye glasses 3d printed
Source: Fabbaloo.com


  1. Party crowns
party crown, cool 3d printed stuff
Source: 3Dnatives.com


  1. Piggy bank

piggy bank 3d print

Source: pinshape.com


  1. Dice
dice 3d printed
Source: 3dprint.com


  1. Mini crossbow
mini crossbow 3d printed
Source: 3dprint.com


  1. Gears
gears 3d printed
Source: O.T. Vinta?(Youtube)


  1. Sundial
sundial 3d printed
Source: 3dprint.com


  1. Chess players
3d printed chess players
Source: pinshape.com


  1. Custom lens
custom lens 3d print
Source: instructables.com


  1. Guitar pick??
guitar picks 3d print
Source: shapeways.com


  1. Guitar pick holder
guitar pick holder 3d printed
Source: shapeways.com


  1. Acoustic instruments
3d printed saxophone
Source: news.softpedia.com


  1. Paintbrush holder
brush stand 3d printed
Source: pinterest.com


  1. Paint mixing tray
paint mixing tray 3d printed
Source: eBay.co.uk


  1. Fishing Reel
fishing reel 3d print
Source: forum.makergear.com


  1. Fishing lure
fish lure 3d print
Source: jacobstanton.com


  1. Self watering plant
sel-watering planter 3d printed
Source: thingiverse.com


  1. Watering spout
watering spout 3d printed
Source: pinshape.com


  1. Shovel
spade 3d printed
Source: cgtrader.com

Fashion 3D printing ideas

Here are some things to 3D print that will enhance your wardrobe or can be given as gifts.

  1. Pendants
3d printed pendants
Source: 3Ders.com


  1. Rings
rings 3d printed
Source: pinterest.com


  1. Bracelets
3d printed bangles
Source: pinshape.com


  1. Earrings
3d printed earrings
Source: fish3ddesigns.com


  1. Hair clips
3d printed hair clips
Source: pinterest.com


  1. Buttons
3d printed buttons
Source: femkeroefs.nl

  1. Hat
3d printed hat
Source: pinterest.com


  1. Belt
3d printed belt
Source: thingiverse.com


  1. Watch band
Watch strap 3d print
Source: 3ders.com


  1. Buckle
3d printed buckle
Source: airdreams.ca


Larger than Life 3D printing ideas

Here?s 3D printed stuff that will blow your mind. It?s a small list, but it shows that technology combines with shear will can solve a lot of problems.

  1. 3D house
house 3d printed
Source: livescience.com


  1. Prosthetic hand
3d printed prosthetic hand
Source: 3dprint.com


  1. 3D-printed ribcage
3d printed ribcage
Source: inceptionitech.com


  1. Dog wheelchair
dog wheelchair 3d print
Source: thingiverse.com


  1. Gyroscope and other science projects
Gyroscope 3d print
Source: pinshape.com

Utility Accessories 3D printing ideas

Check out these cool 3D prints for home. These useful 3D prints will troubleshoot a lot of your requirements at home.

  1. Earbud holder
earbud holder 3d print
Source: Pinshape.com


  1. Wrist brace
wrist brace 3d print
Source: thingiverse.com


  1. Wall-mount stand
wall-mount stand 3d print
Source: pinshape.com


  1. Phone Charging stand
smart phone stand and charger
Source: pinshape.com


  1. Outlet cover
outlet cover 3d print
Source: pinshape.com


  1. Windshield scrapers
windshield scraper
Source: pinshape.com


  1. Door stops
door stop 3d print
Source: amazon.com


  1. Keyrings
keyring 3d print
Source: thingiverse


  1. Phone cases
3d print phone cases
Source: 3dprint.com


  1. Combs
print 3d comb
Source: bensbargains.com


  1. Zip pull replacements
zipper 3d print
Source: instructables.com


  1. Cable holders
cable holder 3d print
Source: gizmodo.com.au

Read about this useful 3D print.


  1. Hive drawers/cable organisers
hive drawer and cable organiser 3d printed ideas
Source: thingiverse.com

Read about it.


  1. Passive amplifier
passive amplifier 3d printed
Source: thingiverse.com

Read about this cool 3D printed idea.


  1. Coffee sleeve
coffee cup sleeve 3d printed
Source: gearpatrol.com


  1. Zip ties
3d printed zip ties
Source: gemplers.com


  1. Eye glasses stand
eye glass stand 3d printed ideas
Source: pinshape.com


  1. Crates/boxes
3d printed crates and boxes
Source: htxt.co.za


  1. Spare key
3d printed spare key
Source: networksasia.net


  1. Adjustable wrench
3d printed adjustable wrench
Source: Thingiverse.com


  1. Tweezers
3d printed tweezers
Source: pinshape.com


  1. Photo Frame
3d printed photo frame
Source: pinshape.com


  1. Fly swatter
3d printed fly swatter
Source: thingiverse.com


  1. Custom circuit board
3d printed custom circuit
Source: 3ders.org


  1. Lock and key
3d printed lock and key
Source: thingiverse.com


  1. Custom pipe fitting
3d printed pipe fitting
Source: thingiverse.com


  1. Sliding box/Any box or case
sliding box 3d printed
Source: instructables.com


  1. Door Graber
3d printed door grader
Source: diygadgets.co.za


  1. Coat hanger
coat hanger 3d print
Source: cults3d.com


  1. Key holder
3d printed key holder
Source: makexyz.xom


  1. Carabiner
3d printed carabiner
Source: thingiverse.com

Explore this 3D printing idea.


  1. Light switch name tags
electric switch labels 3d print
Source: instructables


  1. Razor hang
razor stand 3d printed
Source: pinshape.com


  1. Scissors
3d printing ideas, scissors
Source: itworldcanada.com


  1. Headphone stand
headphone stand 3d print
Source: yeggi.com


  1. iPhone cable protect
3d printed iPhone cable support
Source: pinshape.com

Explore this cool 3D printed idea.


  1. U hooks
3d print u hooks
Source: thingiverse.com

Read more about them.


  1. Secret shelf
secret shelf 3dprint
Source: etsy.com

Read about this cool thing to 3D print.


  1. Articulate lamp
3d printed articulated lamp
Source: myminifactory.com


  1. Car can holder
car can holder 3d print
Source: cgtrader.com


  1. Vases
3d printed vase
Source: pinshape


  1. Car trash bag hooks
car trash hook 3d printed
Source: thingiverse.com

Read more about this 3D printing idea.


  1. Clips/Pegs
3d printed pegs
Source: makexyz.com


  1. Drawers or organisers
3d printed drawers
Source: pinterest.com


  1. Grocery bag carrier
grocery bag carrier
Source: thingiverse.com


  1. Shopping bag handle
shopping bag handle 3d printed
Source: pinterest.com


  1. Dog tag
3d printed dog tag
Source: yeggi.com


  1. Nuts and bolts
3d printed nuts and bolts
Source: matterhackers.com


  1. Screwdriver
screwdriver 3d print
Source: mashpeetech.com


  1. Degree angle brackets
3d printed degree angle brackets
Source: pinshape


  1. Tool tray
tool tray 3d printed
Source: pinshape.com


  1. Bird house
cool 3d printed things - bird house
Source: pinshape


  1. Bird Feeder
bird feeder, 3d printed stuff
Source: pinshape.com


  1. Planters
3d printed planters
Source: thingiverse.com


3d printed planters
Source: etsy.com


We hope you find these 3D printing ideas useful and fun. If you know of more cool things to 3D print, send us their pictures and names using the form below.

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