Top 12 Coronavirus Videos for Kids

As most of the kids are stuck at home, attending virtual schools, missing birthdays, and not getting to play outside with their friends, it’s a huge bummer for them.

Kids are asking more and more questions, and parents are finding it difficult to explain to them the reasoning behind it all.

Sometimes, kids also get worried and are unable to voice it. We need to offer our kids the right knowledge and a safe space to share their feelings.

Kids are impressionable, and when you teach them a concept or a habit, they pick it up pretty fast compared to us adults.

So, in times like these, it’s not just the meaning of Covid-19 our kids ought to comprehend, but also the lifestyle changes that they need to accept and adopt to stay safe, healthy and happy.

In this post, we’ve tried to put together some fun videos and content that may help you teach some essential habits and concepts to your kids.

Feel free to share them with your friends or fellow parents, and also let us know if we should add any topic here.

1. Meaning of novel coronavirus and how to combat it

For younger kids:

For older kids:

2. Wash your hands

Why wash our hands:

You can also sing Twinkle, twinkle little star while you wash your hand!

How to wash your hands:

This is a great video covering all the steps in washing your hands properly. It’s a ‘must watch’ for both kids and adults.

3. Wearing a mask

Why to wear a mask:

How to wear a mask:

Here’s another cute video where Go bear shows how to wear a mask properly.

Note: Go Transit is a public transit system in Ontario, Canada, and this a safety commercial issue by them for their passengers. But ain’t the Go Bear super cute!!

4. How to socially distance

Here’s a social distancing jingle if you want to remember the physical distancing rules better… stay 2 meters away!

5. Being a kid stuck at home / connect with friends virtually

6. Sharing workload at home

7. Activities for kids

Home Workout for Kids:

Just a cute video you can show to your little kids:

10. We can talk about our worries

11. Coronavirus Symptoms for Kids

12. How parents can answer kids’ questions about coronavirus

This fantastic video from BBC shows various questions and concerns kids have and how they can be simply answered by parents, teachers and guardians.

At last, we need to understand that kids are strong and they know how to look at the bright side of things.

Let’s address all the questions and concerns kids have in the best way we can, and read about what we don’t know to give them facts.

Remind kids that we’ll get through this together!

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