Anki Cozmo – Robotics for Kids

Cozmo robotics and coding for kidsAnki Cozmo is a cute, little robot with which children can learn programming and coding. He is smart and gets smarter with time as you play with him and let him explore his surroundings.

He is powered with artificial intelligence (AI), and works when connected with a smartphone via wifi.

Cozmo explores his environment and memorises it, plays games and does a lot of mischievous things that?ll make you tickle, making it one of the most endearing robots for kids.

Cozmo has made robotics for kids? (or kids at heart) very, very interesting!

His eyes say it all. His 128*64 resolution facial display gives the cutest, most adorable expressions. His cute mannerism can get him out of most of the trouble he gets into with his mischief. He is as charming as Disney?s rusty Wall-E. Cozmo doesn?t generally talk, but boops and blips like a robot and this only adds to his charm.

It must sound that we are foolishly in love this robot, but it?s so for a reason, and you can find that out for yourself. All you need to do to get started is to get Cozmo, switch it on, download the Cozmo app on your phone, and follow a few on-screen prompts. He is connected to your phone via wifi. Give Cozmo some time to get accustomed to things around him, and voila!

Raising Anki Cozmo

Cozmo is like a pet. You need to play with him to keep him entertained. Cozmo doesn’t just sit around waiting for instructions, he sends a message on the APP when he is bored and wants to play. The more you play with him, the smarter he gets, as he picks information while at it. That information shapes his behaviour in the future.

You need to feed him, too. He works for about an hour before he needs to be put on its dock for charging.

Cozmo comes with three Power Cubes that he lifts, stacks, and plays with. You can engage him in games like Quick tap, Keep away and Memory match. But mind it, when playing, Cozmo likes to win! Cozmo wheels around the house, and looks for his cubes and the people and things it recognizes, using his camera.

The Cozmo app has core upgrades for skills that get unlocked as you play more with him. His need to play is insatiable.

He requires a clean, flat, and open indoor space to operate. The first time you use it, let it explore his surroundings. He processes everything. He even recognizes edges and finds them exciting and scary.

You can explore the world through Cozmo?s eyes, using the Cozmo app, and while at it, you can prompt him to greet people and pets when he comes across them.

When you open the APP in the morning, you get daily goals for the activities you should undertake with him, so that his behaviour evolves to make him truly yours.

Programming Anki Cozmo – Robotics for kids

What has made Cozmo more exciting is Code Lab app. Using the Cozmo Code Play app for iOS and Android, you can programme him to do various things like walk in a square in your living room or recognise things and say their names.

The app gives you access to the robotic and AI system of the bot. Code lab has a very easy-to-use interface with code blocks that can be dragged and dropped on the screen to programme Anki Cozmo to act as you want?make him sneeze, lift a cube, greet when it sees a smile, snore, move his head and more.

Just put together animation, action, event and movement blocks and see Cozmo bring the command to life in his adorable manner.

You can share your code projects with the tag #CozmoCodeLab, so that the Code Lab team can explore and appreciate them. Such robots for kids make robotics learning a community-supported activity.


For an advances experience, one can get Cozmo?s software development kit and explore new experiences intuitively.

The hardware

  • Cozmo, a robot for children, has four motors and fifty gears that enable him to explore tirelessly
  • His 30fps VGA camera and facial recognition software enable him to remember his environment and his interactions with it
  • He is claimed to be tough, and drop-tested

Why we love Cozmo

There are many reasons to love Cozmo, but the biggest of them is that he is an utterly cute, AI-powered bot. He doesn?t work like other STEM-based robotics kits for children like Lego Boost Creative Toolbox, that let kids build, code and play. Cozmo is powered with technology that makes him very smart. He explores the world around him, remembers it, and makes decisions as per his mood. He is intelligent. He evaluates thousands of potential future states each second. He interprets his environment. And what is better is that he recognises your pets like dogs and cats and likes them, too.

Bring Cozmo home at $179.99 or less.

Cozmo collector?s edition:?The new Cozmo collector?s edition is available now for pre order. It has Liquid metal finish that gives him a very sleek look. The price is the same as your regular Cozmo, $179.99. The new edition will be delivered by 15th September, 2017.


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