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In today?s abbreviated world of social media where ?laugh out loud? is LOL and ?too much information is TMI?, it?s refreshing to read a piece of English writing with good grammar, spellings, and punctuation. With students, influencers, and budding and seasoned professionals getting used to writing in the new form of shorthand, there arises a need of a tool that equips people to write clear, meaningful and impactful pieces of writing.?Students and professionals are often required to write original text pieces like emails, essays, application letters, and theses with correct grammar, spellings and punctuations, and more than often they are not skilled or equipped for the task. To fill the gap, come in tools like Grammarly, a free grammar checker.

Grammarly is a free AI-powered, online grammar checking tool that helps one write grammatically correct and impactful content. It checks your emails, essays, messages, social media posts and documents for 400+ types of spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes, most of which Microsoft word cannot fine. It checks your content for plagiarism, and even makes vocabulary and citation suggestions.

  • Online Editor: Grammarly has an online text editor, in which you can start a new document, and just copy and paste your content to check it for errors. You can also upload a document that you need to check and correct.
  • Browser Extension: You can even install Grammarly’s browser extension for Chrome, Firefox or Safari, and it will assist you in writing posts and messages without errors. On a browser, the tool works automatically for platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Google+. When you are writing a post or a comment, Grammarly?s algorithms will check the text and suggest changes.

Grammarly on Facebook
Hover cursor over highlighted text to see correction suggestions
  • Desktop APP: You can also download its desktop APP.

The algorithms in Grammarly makes it a smart tool, flagging possible issues in the text, and suggesting grammar, spelling and vocabulary corrections as per the context of the content. It even gives reasoning behind each suggested correction, so that you can decide whether and how to correct the issue. The tool has been made and is maintained by professional linguists and language processing engineers.

This cloud-backed platform runs myriad algorithms, requiring a lot of memory, storage and computing power. All this work happens on the cloud, and it powers a user?s device, having limited storage and computing capability, with a comprehensive tool that checks and suggests grammatical changes to make one?s writing correct.

Millions of writers and over 600 universities and corporations worldwide use Grammarly. Students use it to make error-free reports, dissertations, entrance applications, etc.. Professionals like lawyers, engineers, marketing people, journalists, bloggers, health care experts, and professional writers use it to correct and enhance their English writing. Non-native English-speaking professionals and students, job seekers, and English language learners also?find this tool extremely useful. However, a final human check is always recommended on various occasions when Grammarly’s recommendations does not match the style and purpose of your writing.

Features of Grammarly

  • Advanced grammar check: It checks your text against over 400 grammar rules such as double negative, subject-verb agreement, and article use.
  • Spelling checker:?Besides a regular spell check, it checks correctly spelled words used in a wrong context.
  • Vocabulary suggestions: It makes word and synonym suggestions based on the context of your text, making your writing clear and impactful, and improving your vocabulary.
  • Plagiarism check (used by 4+ million people): It checks your content against 8 billion web pages, and it highlights sections that are the same as any previously published content, ensuring uniqueness of your text.
  • Citation suggestions and generation: It makes MLA, APA and Chicago style citation suggestions for your text.

You can personalise your Grammarly dictionary by adding new words, which the tool will remember for future use. You can access your personalised dictionary by signing in with your account. You can also choose between American and British English rules to apply to your writing with this free grammar checker.


Grammarly on WordPress, safari
Grammarly’s suggestions when I was posting this article (Safari browser)

Go premium

  • Get 400 plus checks (150+ more than the free account) on your text. Premium users generally tend to correct double the number of issues than free users.
  • Customised checks for 30 types of documents like official emails and academic essays are available to make your writing more relevant and impactful.
  • Plagiarism check ensures uniqueness of content
  • Vocabulary enhancement helps you write effectively
  • Citation suggestions add to your content (MLA, APA and Chicago style)
  • If you are a first-time buyer, then you?ll get a 7-day money back guarantee
  • It works with Microsoft Word and Outlook

Premium plans:

  • $29.95 per month for one month (billed monthly)
  • $19.98 per month for a quarter (billed quarterly)
  • $11.66 per month for a year (billed annually)
grammarly works on various platforms
Grammarly works on various platforms

Complementary Products

  • Grammarly Handbook is a wonderful repository of articles on English grammar, punctuations, mechanics, techniques, and style.
  • Grammarly Answers is an online community for writers, where you can discuss questions on English grammar and writing
  • Grammarly’s Blog, Facebook group, and Twitter account provide tips and insights on English writing and grammar

Grammarly Edu and Volume Licenses

The tool?is used by over 600 universities. It helps students and teachers write error-free, impactful and original content. It helps them correct grammar of a write-up and checks it against plagiarism, and it can be integrated with a browser, MS Word, and major Learning management systems (LMSs).

It is claimed to improve students? writing confidence and grades. It assists K-12 and higher education students to write better and inculcate the habit of revision. With this tool, schools and universities can give their students and teachers access to grammar tutorials and revision tools.

Education and Volume license plans:

  • $700 per year for 10 users
  • $1000 per year for 20 users
  • $1700 per year for 50 users
  • Get a quote for more than 50 users

Try Grammarly – Check your content for a count of Free and Premium corrections

If you are new to Grammarly and are deciding on signing up or taking a premium plan, first?go to this link to try Grammarly. (If you are a Grammarly user, you have to be logged out of your Grammarly account to use this link.)

Directly copy paste your content on the online Plagiarism checker and proofreader on this page for a quick check of your content. You can also upload a document for a check. It highlights the free correction suggestions, and gives a count of free and premium corrections, giving you a fair idea about how much a free or a premium service will benefit you.

Grammarly premium plans
Grammarly premium plans

Grammarly is an Inc. 500 company, with offices in San Francisco, New York, and Kyiv, and it is making an impact world over with its high-quality products and increasing user base. Forbes says, ?Grammarly quickly and easily makes your writing better,? and we agree with it.

If you value good grammar and want to ensure that you or your students could use a smart EdTech tool like Grammarly, a free grammar checker, then try it and see the difference in your writing for yourself.

Note:- Before accepting a Grammarly’s correction recommendation, do use your discretion on whether the correction matches your writing styles and purpose.

We hope to keep bringing you such valuable ed-tech resources in the future too. If you have any particular learning or teaching tech requirement, drop us a comment below, and we will get on to exploring the relevant providers to bring you the best digital learning and teaching tools.

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