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Ednora’s Learn2Code.live is an online platform, where kids can learn to code from students of top-tier universities.

This unique platform was initiated in November 2018. It bridges the gap between learning and application.

We had an electronic interview with Smita Shrivastava, Founder of Ednora, to know how Learn2Code helps learners learn to code.

We have highlighted the salient features of the platform followed by a Q&A we had with Smita.

Courses offered by Learn2Code.live:

JavaScript, Python, Java, Scratch, HTML/CSS, AP Computer Science

Top features of Learn2Code.live

  • Hands-on learning with project-based learning modules
  • Video conference call classes in small groups with mentors who hail from universities
  • Well-structured learning modules
  • 24/7 access to the learning portal
  • Motivated mentors
  • After-course real-life projects for hands-on learning

Q&A with Lean2Code.live

Here are a few questions we asked Smita from Learn2Code:

Q. What is the vision and mission of Learn2Code?

A. “Learn2Code’s vision is to enable wide reach of quality computer science education for K-12 students through hands-on coding classes and to keep students motivated and engaged, year-round, through challenges, hackathons and camps.

Furthermore, Learn2Code’s mission is to build long-lasting coding skills and computational thinking and motivate students to pursue STEM/computer science practice to address the shortage of computer science grads and equip them with skills to thrive in any career in future.”

Q. Who can learn with Learn2Code?

A. “Our users comprise of upper elementary, middle and high school students.”

Q. Tell us about Learn2Code.live.

A. “Learn2Code offers live online, video-based coding classes in private, semi-private and group environments.

The classes are taught by students and recent grads of top-tier universities (MIT/CMU and more).

The classes are completely hands-on, where instructors teach coding concepts, students write codes to implement the concepts, and the instructors assist students with instant feedback and live de-bugging to ensure progress.

Learn2Code platform

Our course portal provides 24×7 access to course material, class recordings, and homework.

Students develop a project as a part of the coursework, where the concepts taught in the course are put together to develop applications as per students’ area of interest.

Our instructors provide support in project planning, debugging, testing and fixing issues in the code and making the code more efficient. 

Moreover, our instructors have achieved high academic accomplishments and also serve as role models to further motivate students to pursue STEM/computer science.”

Q. How to use, buy or subscribe to courses?

A. “Students can register for courses on our website and provide their preferred day/time for the classes.

For private classes, we assign an instructor who is available on the requested day/time.

In the case of semi-private classes, we mediate schedules of two students and group them together in a semi-private class.

Group classes are available for students in afterschool clubs and have the same registration process as private classes.”

Q. What is the product?s pricing?

Following is the pricing of the different types of classes available:

  • Private classes are available at $189 per month
  • Semi-private at $149 per month per student, and
  • Group at $600 per month per group

Q. How do users benefit from it?

A. “Students enjoy learning from the comfort of their home. The quality of Learn2Code coding classes is top-notch, and they benefit students, by laying a sound foundation of computer science fundamentals, all the way to building advanced coding skills.

Learn2Code hones analytical thinking, creativity and problem-solving skills and builds confidence among students.”

Q. How do skills acquired through Learn2Code help users?

A. “Students build long-lasting coding skills and computational thinking that are essemtial to thrive in any career in the future. 

Moreover, Learn2Code classes and instructors motivate students to pursue STEM/computer science and play a significant role in closing the gap between open computer science related jobs versus available computer science grads to fill the jobs.

Parents and students discover Learn2Code through word of mouth, teacher recommendations, social media, and various class listing sites.

To learn more about the platform, visit their website: www.learn2code.live.

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