Online Assignment Platform Quizizz Launches in India after its US Success

quizizz platform launch

On June 11, Bengaluru-headquartered edutech startup Quizizz launched its online quiz and assignment platform in India after it received a great response in the United States.

The platform can be used to create and take online quizzes and polls. Teachers can assign quizzes to students to solve in their own time and at their own pace. One can also use its existing quizzes on subjects like English, Science, Mathematics, Creative Arts, Computer Science & Skills, and Social Studies. It saves grading time for teachers, who can leave personalized feedback on student?s submissions.

Due to the impact of coronavirus, teachers are moving to online classes, and, hence, the company is hoping that India will be open to adopting the technology as it has been adopted by the US.

As per a report in Money Control, the company said that they started this platform four years ago to make education fun for students, and, today, half of the schools in the United States have adopted this technology.

Quizizz has funding from Nexus Venture Partners and Prime Venture Partners. The platform was founded by BITS Pilani graduates Ankit Gupta and Deepak Joy Cheenath, who are hoping that they will emulate their US success in India.

?We offer a platform that allows teachers to convert assignments more into a form of a game or a quiz, this helps students concentrate easily on assignments and makes learning fun,? said Gupta.

This quiz platform provides memes, leaderboards, and other such tools to make assignments competitive. Teachers can easily keep records of the weak points of students highlighted by the results of the assignments.

Teachers can sign up, search the platform to find existing suitable assignments or create and customize their own. When the assignment is ready, a code is generated to share with the students, who can easily click on the link to do the assignment.

?We are offering the product in 12 different languages and have also onboarded support staff to help teachers in understanding the product better,? Gupta said.

Quizizz has over 50 million monthly active users globally, including  millions of teachers. The platform sees over 1.2 billion questions solved by students every month.

?We are looking for teachers to adopt it. Since it is a free platform, eventually we can reach out to schools for all their assignments as well,? Gupta said.

The company is aiming to make money through paid products and by launching corporate-learning programs.

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