PEXA Lite ? ?Exams-from-Home? Solution Launched

Pexa Lite by Little More Innovations Lab

Singapore-based EdTech company Littlemore Innovation Labs, which promotes paperless digital examinations, has launched PEXA Lite ? a secure and reliable ?exams-from-home? platform to help educational institutes conduct online examinations during the Corona crisis.

Due to the pandemic, classroom learning has been suspended and educators are resorting to e-learning methods. Paper-based exams or open-book exams are not viable from home and the outcome of online exams from home could be unsatisfactory, as the internet connectivity is not reliable and acts of malpractices cannot be monitored.?

With an asynchronous hybrid approach that is device agnostic in nature, PEXA Lite enables the conduction of exams with limited Internet connectivity without any disruption. Its offline login feature facilitates continuing giving exams in case of Internet disruptions. 

If the device restarts during an exam, no data or time is lost because of device failure and the exam resumes from the same point where it was left. Suspicious activities like cheating can be identified with the help of advanced traceability algorithms and digital proctoring features, and there is no possibility of leakage of question papers or tampering of answer sheets because of advanced data encryption. Authoring and evaluation of answer scripts by educators can be done online by using the PEXA platform, as per the company?s website.

As per a report in the Hindu Business Line, Srikanth Ganesan, Founder, and CEO of LittleMore Innovation Labs said, ?PEXA Lite is being introduced in India first, followed by UAE, Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore. We expect exam-from-home solutions worldwide. Littlemore has disrupted century-old examination processes and will continue to innovate in exams automation through AI and ML. We have planned a range of new product releases in the next 12 to 18 months across multiple geographies,? 

He also stated, ?We are likely to conduct exams for 50,000 students in June for our customers.? 

With the vision to reform the examination process by promoting paperless examinations in educational institutions across the globe, LittleMore Innovation Labs is attempting to efficiently solve the rigorous challenges faced in the education sector.

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