Reasons Why We Need to Introduce 3D Printing in Education


As 3D printing technology is becoming more and more common for the commercial segment, so it is for children in schools. You are now able to see specialized 3D printers that claim to be dedicated to children to cover their educational needs. 3D printers such as Da Vinci color 3D printer by XYZ 3D printing is specifically manufactured with the aim to help students learn STEM subjects. To know more about these 3D printers, check reviews on Pick 3D Printer.

In this article we plan two main questions:

  1. Why is 3D printing really crucial for kids in school?
  2. How are teachers in school coping up with this nuance?

Why is 3D printing really crucial for kids in school?


3D printing, as a concept is completely new. It has changed the way in which the world used to think about manufacturing techniques. By introducing an additive manufacturing concept, it has proved that this is not only better but also a lesser waste-producing technique than the subtractive manufacturing concept. Like the marketing tag lines of most of the 3D printer manufacturers state, ” your imagination would be turned into reality,” children learning about this technique in school would be able to have more confidence in themselves than they used to while learning about older manufacturing technologies.

With the complete precision of the final part or functional prototype being dependent on a 3D design file, children will learn how to model and design a 3D part or functional prototype and things to take care of while designing. They also learn about how mistakes are done in designing reflect themselves in the actual part or functional prototype. They learn to experiment and how failure leads to success. So many important virtues to which they were only exposed after a certain age are what they are exposed to, at an early age because of 3D printing.

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How are teachers in school coping up with this nuance?


Many companies such as Makerbot are coming up with programs that are especially dedicated to teachers who wish to learn 3D printing for teaching it is their school. These programs lay special focus on 3D printing and robotics and help people to understand the completely new technology. The logic of such programs is simple; 3D printing technology is not just a completely new category for students, but also for teachers in schools. Many companies like Print lab in the UK are collaborating with schools in the country to support the integration of 3D printing in schools. So there are efforts from the 3D printer manufacturer part of the world to support teachers, which teachers can join in and accelerate to produce the desired outcome that makes an impact.

The Conclusion

3Doodler is been in talks on a topic related to 3D printing in children, even more than 3D printers are. It is a simple pen that teaches a child the logic of 3D printing technology and the basics of the additive manufacturing system in general. It is a great way to kickstart your child’s 3D printing journey and is also being used by many schools. 

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