Skills Coding Websites Help Develop Among Kids

coding for kids skills

Learning to code is not just about syntax, apps and animations.?

The benefits of learning go beyond that to develop skills and behaviours that stay with children for a lifetime.

Parents and teachers in many parts of the world have experienced the benefits that teaching coding offers.

Preparing kids for the Next Gen?s tech-reliant jobs is one thing that is achieved, but more importantly, kids develop cognitive, emotional and social skills by learning and practising coding.

Kids often apply their learnings from coding lessons to various contexts and situations in their life.

There are many coding for kids free websites that offer the opportunity to learn to code to all.

Here are a few aspects where kids can grow while they code or learn to code.

Linear thinking

By putting code blocks in order, kids develop sequential thinking. This skill helps children think and express things in an orderly and logical manner.?

They learn to make sense of the data they receive, and they can put thoughts and ideas in order to make plausible answers and solutions.


Functions like loops, conditions, pattern recognition, and variables have application in all kinds of problem solving. Functions cover how things behave and interact in the world.

The logics learnt through coding functions can be applied to social, emotional and cognitive behaviours, too.

Creative thinking

Kids think creatively when putting together code blocks to make various things. You?ll be surprised at the kind of ideas children come up with when creating animations, games and apps.

Here?s a small video of the cool animations kids can code.

Creative problem solving

Not just creative coding, but creative problem solving is one important skills kids learn through coding.

In coding, kids have problems to solve, and they find various ways to reach the desired results.?

Different kids think differently and come up with various solutions to the same problem, showing how creative thinking can lead to constructive solutions to all kinds of challenges.

The skill of creative problem solving empowers kids to find answers to all kinds of questions and problems with confidence.


Kids learn to type when they code. Coding requires kids to input data in terms of numbers, symbols and letters, and so they develop a better understanding of the keypad with practice.

Familiarity with using digital devices

As the world has become digital, and a lot of our tasks ranging from communication and learning to business are conducted using digital devices, it is important for kids to be used to using digital modes of doing tasks.


With coding, kids learn to visualize the effects of their decisions and actions.?

Before executing a code, kids have to think about how it will play out when they put the code into action. In this manner, kids develop foresight.

This skill is essential to a person?s decision making ability.

Attention to detail

Kids learn to pay attention to details while coding. Only when your code is perfect, does it works efficiently.?

Therefore, kids learn to break a problem into steps, and solve it thoroughly, while paying attention to every part of the code.

Bug recognizing and resolving

When a code does not function as expected, kids learn to go through it over and over, piece by piece to recognise the problem. This helps kids learn how to identify loopholes and how to find creative solutions to fix those bugs.


As there are a number of functions, variables and steps involved in coding, kids develop a good memory with practice. They learn to memorize the steps required to code a certain game or variable output.


With attention to detail and the will to get the code to work, kids develop patience. You will often see kids working a project with curiosity and creativity without losing patience, as they put their energy into finding solutions.

Communication and empathy

Coding is often a group and community effort. As kids learn from others about syntax, ideas and the best practices, they develop good communications skills. They learn to convey what they think and what they want to know.

When others ask them questions, they even develop empathy to understand their point of view and offer them solutions.

In this manner, coding helps kids develop valuable like skills which go beyond the scope of any STEM or STEAM curriculum.

Here?s a list of coding for kids free websites, which can be explored to empower kids with a wonderful way of learning how to grow emotionally and cognitively.

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