STEMpedia starter package launch on Kickstarter – Electronics, programming and robotics

We, at Edutechpost, love everything to do with programming, electronics and robotics for kids.

Therefore, here we are, talking about another product that will soon be launched to propogate learning for kids in the said STEM education fields.

STEMpedia is an edtech product that helps kids learn electronics, programming and robotics.

They are soon launching STEMpedia starter package on Kickstarter. STEMpedia products bring together learning, building and playing.

We interviewed Abhishek Sharma, Chief visionary officer at STEMpedia, who told us about the kit they are launching and how it helps kids develop various skills.

Courses taught by STEMpedia

Electronics, programming and robotics for kids

Age: 8+ years

Q&A with STEMpedia

Q. When was your company/product launched?

A. “The company was launched in Feb 2017. The product that we’re launching, i.e. the STEMpedia Starter Package, will be launched on Kickstarter within two weeks (February 2019).”

Q. What is the vision and mission of your company/product?

A. “Making STEM education accessible to all students across the globe and enabling them to become the innovators of tomorrow by imparting quality hands-on learning and providing them with world-class hardware and learning resources.”

Q. Define your typical user.

A. “Typical users of the Starter Package will be students of age 8 and above; however, it can also be used by hobbyists and educators.”

Q. Give a brief about the product and how it works.

A. “The STEMpedia Starter Package is an all-in-one DIYing package that consists of everything one needs to set foot into the land of DIYing. This package consists of:

  1. evive Starter Kit: A DIY kit that comes with an all-in-one prototyping platform (evive), a project-making guide, and around 400 electronic and mechanical components
  2. PictoBlox: A Scratch 3.0-based graphical programming platform
  3. Dabble: A project-making mobile application
  4. The STEM Safari: A set of three online courses on electronics, programming, and robotics.”
STEMpedia Starter Package
STEMpedia Starter Package

Q. How can users use, buy or subscribe to it?

A. “The product will be soon live on the crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter. Users can buy it from there. After the crowdfunding campaign, users will be able to purchase it on STEMpedia?s website and retail platforms like Amazon.”

Q. What is the product?s price?

MSRP: $289
Crowdfunding Launch Price: $169

Q. How do users benefit from it?

  • “evive: The user doesn?t have to spend time, money, and efforts in dealing with and handling several devices together which, in turn, saves time and reduces complexities in project-making.
  • Starter Kit: Reduces cost per project for the user.
  • PictoBlox: The user doesn?t have to worry about memorizing the syntax as is the case in conventional programming thereby focussing only on developing problem-solving and decomposition skills.
  • Dabble: Eliminates the need to search for/have multiple applications/ external sensors that provide only a handful of functions.
  • Courses: Structured way of learning to cover all required concepts with utmost clarity, and certification.”

Q. How do you think that skills acquired through your product/service will help users?

A. “Our product and services focus on helping children creativity, curiosity, problem-solving, and innovation skills.

These skills, popularly known as the 21-st century skills, are must-haves owing to the exponential technological progress the world is witnessing today in order to not only stay at par with it but also to become an active contributor to its development.

Acquiring these skills would make the young-generation ready for a technology-driven future and become capable innovators and leaders of tomorrow.”

The STEMpedia starter kit will be soon launched on Kickstarter.

You can visit their website to know more or purchase the product.

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