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Videos, especially animated 3D videos, can be a great resource to teach complicated learning concepts. There are many learning concepts, to which we are not able to do justice when we try to explain them verbally or with the help of 2D diagrams.?Sterling Pixels creates 3D educational videos for Grades 1?12, on Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Maths, and Earth science.

These videos show learning modules like how blood flows in and out of the heart, how signals are tramitted through our nerves, and how carbon atoms combine with those of oxygen when a fuel combusts. The powerful visuals of how of a learning object acts and reacts have a lasting impression on a student’s mind. Their 3D animated videos explain both simple and complex learning concepts in a step-by-step manner, making retention of concepts easier and effective. The well concieved and rendered imagery makes it easy for learners to understand the concepts.

Sterling Pixels’ high quality videos are being used in 18 countries, in 9 languages, by 2 million users through their own platform and those of third-party publishers and LMS managers.

There content is available for schools, teachers and students, who can use the content for in-class or flipped learning. Their own LMS platform is called PixelsEd.

PixelsEd provides online learning content, e-assessments and basic analytics of users? behaviour, making it a comprehensive platform for educators and students.

It’s one of the best content providers among our list of Best Educational Websites for kids. You can check out the list to explore content providers for various subjects and learning levels.


Sterling pixels website pixelsed


How to access their products?

Platform: (Web and Android)

  • Register and login on Sterling Pixels’ online learning platform, PixelsEd
  • Use their 3D videos for free for 7 days after registration, and then subscribe to your grade-wise package for a year (you can even subscribe to individual topics of your choice if you do not want to take up all the content for your grade.)
  • Learn with curriculum-aligned topics from your grade:
    • All purchased topics are available in you My Library section
    • Filter these topics as per curriculum, subject, and chapter
    • Each chapter has various topics
    • Each topic has a 3D Video; Resources like Keywords, Interesting facts and Concept maps; Assessments like MCQs, True/False, Fill ups, and Drag & Drop; 3D models and interactives; and Teacher?s resources like Printable worksheets


Pixelsed - Learn with videos

How to use their products?

  • Use Sterling Pixels? curriculum-customised content for teaching on interactive whiteboards, smart boards, and projectors
  • Assign 3D videos to students for flipped learning, before a topic is discussed in the class
  • Assign online assessments ?to students to assess their performance in class using classroom devices or for homework
  • Print worksheets for distribution in the classrooms
  • Recommend 3D learning videos, assessments and ?other resources for?after-school or self-paced learning at home by students on mobile devices and computers


What devices does it work on?

  • Website: is a responsive platform, and can be easily accessed from computers, tablets and other mobile devices
  • PixelsEd Android App: The android app works well with all device with android 4.1 and up

?Pixelsed App - videos for primary and secondary school kids??learning videos for primary and secondary kids? assessments for grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Sterling Pixels? aim is to promote engaging and effective digital learning by partnering with schools, businesses/publishers, and government education departments.

You can try out their product for free for 7 days. Just visit PixelsEd website and register as a student or teacher.

Their social media pages can be followed for updates on their content launches and the events they are attending:

Twitter: @SterlingPixels

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