6 TedEd Best Motivational Videos for Kids – Health, Confidence and Success


Here are best six TedEd motivational videos for kids.

They are curated to motivate both kids and adults to develop health, confidence, focus, and critical thinking.

Educators and parents can watch these videos to inculcate their valuable messages in their lives and to pass them on to their kids. You can even show them in your classroom or ask the kids to watch them at home.

We love every minute of these six motivational videos for kids by TedEd. We hope you like them, too.

  1. 5 Tips to Improve Your Critical Thinking – Samantha Agoos

We have so many exercises in school books to improve critical thinking among kids. Not all of them are as interesting, as they require going out of one?s way and doing something.

This video shows how we can use 5 simple steps to inculcate critical thinking in our day-to-day routine.

It?s one of the best motivational videos for students by TedEd.



  1. 3 Tips to Boost your Confidence – TED-Ed

These are not condescending tips on how to boost your confidence. Well, umm? may they are a little, but each of it makes perfect sense!

Watch and follow a few selected inspirational videos for kids like this, and it will become easy to keep yourself motivated to do whatever you like?learn to dance, speak in public, excel at a sport, top the class, sleep more (I mean literally WHATEVER you like!)

We love such fun and encouraging videos for students.



  1. 8 Traits of Successful People – Richard St. John

Who doesn?t want to be successful and earn a million dollars?

It?s easier to learn from others, than to start from scratch. In this video, Richard St. John shares the gist of his 10 years of research on what are the 8 most important traits of successful people.

It?s one of the best free motivational videos for students, considering the valuable lessons it gives.



  1. How the Food You Eat Affects Your Brain – Mia Nacamulli

They say that you are what you eat.

Why should we eat oats when we can eat bread or pasta? Why should we eat nuts, when we can eat fries?

Well, pizza and fries can?t be replaced, but this video shows how we can balance that with a few other kinds of food to be more alert, happy, and responsive.

Some parent might count it amongst world?s best motivational videos for students.



  1. The Benefits of Good Posture – Murat Dalkilin?

Many of us have been told by our parents to sit properly or stand straight, and still many of us just keep slouching through our lives.

What?s the fun in sitting straight, when one can lie zig-zag with one foot on the table and the other on the dog?s face? Watch this video to understand why.

Play this motivational videos for school students to encourage them to keep that spine straight.



  1. The Benefits of a Bilingual Brain – Mia Nacamulli

Some of us are bilingual from childhood and some of us learn a new language in school.

Some of us learn a second language to understand our surroundings or just for fun, and some of us are just happy with a monolingual brain.

A bilingual mind is a more efficient mind.

If you are bilingual, you can most probably focus more, multitask, and solve problems more efficiently than your monolingual peers. Watch this instructional and motivational video for children and know why:



Learn Italian and other languages using the following guides:

The above videos and stories cover some important aspects of growing with a healthy body and mind. Hence, we love these motivational videos for middle school students, especially, as that’s an age when kids internalise a lot of habits and need support and encouragement.

TedEd?s Youtube inspirational videos for students are great to encourage kids to learn about their universe, surroundings and themselves.

We hope you like these motivational videos for kids. Stay tuned, and we will bring you more such fun curated stuff!


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