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Employers all over the world are facing the challenge of finding workers with the right skills set to accomplish various tasks. Employees also often find that as the technology advances the skill set required in their respective industries is fast changing, therefore, they also need to up their game. To fill this gap, online platforms like Udemy have emerged with thousands of online courses from expert instructors.

Udemy enables both online learning and teaching cross 190 countries. On the platform, experts from all over the world can create courses, and share them with millions of students. Students can pick courses that help them learn selected skills. Udemy has built a bridge between skill providers and those who are looking to learn new skills or upgrade their skill set.

Learning online with Udemy

Udemy has over 48,000 online courses, which means that learners have a plethora of programmes to choose from. Many courses are free, and paid courses cost from anywhere between USD 10 to USD 200.

Udemy’s online courses are available in the fields of development, business, design, personal development, IT and software, office productivity, marketing, lifestyle, photography, health & fitness, teacher training, music, academics, and language. A course contains videos, real-world examples, quizzes, and projects.

Key features that make Udemy a preferred MOOC platform are:

  • Lifetime access to the purchased course
  • Self-paced learning
  • Access anytime, anywhere from Android and iOS Apps

Teaching online with Udemy

With their teaching platform Udemy has empowered 20,000 instructors to create and distribute courses based on various skills. The average instructor earning is USD 8000.

Udemy for teachers invites experts to:

  • Design their own courses using Udemy?s state-of-the-art tools
  • Market it using various tools
  • Get support from the community of instructors

Course creation: Udemy helps instructor with step-by step instructions on how to create a course. Their guide to course creation is as simple as following your nose. It charts out all the steps one needs to take to create a successful online course. Various articles are available on the website to guide one through the process of creating a good product that will help students learn skills that will be useful for their career, hobbies and life.

Instructor can host audios, videos and other files to teach the course, and get paid for their courses. They can also communicate with their students using course management tools. Technical support to students, payment and platform are managed by Udemy.

Fee: The instructor gets 97% of the revenue earned from the course when they promote the course themselves, and if Udemy does the promotions, they get 50% of the revenue.

Control: The instructor can manage the course?s content and style, and they own the rights to course, too.

Course Marketing: Udemy?s marketing guide for instructors is a course in itself. It guides instructors on how to go step-by-step in marketing their courses.

The marketing guide is so well organised that not just Udemy?s instructors, but any content creator can refer to it to get valuable information about how to market one?s content or course through various online channels like emails and social media.

Besides course creation and marketing guides, the community of instructors on Udemy?s website share best practises to produce and market quality courses.

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Udemy’s online courses for businesses

Businesses can access 2000+ Udemy’s online courses related to Project Management and Operations, Personal Wellbeing, Office Productivity, Marketing, Management, IT and Software, Human Resources, Finance and Accounting, Development, Design, and Sales. The content can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

They can create a team account, and add team members to it, and access content upon taking a one of the following two 12-month subscriptions:

  • Work model for 5-20 employees, at $240/year
  • Enterprise model for 20+ employees; contact Udemy?s sales team to get prices. With the enterprise model, companies can also monitor the learning behaviour of their employees. They can build customised training programmes for them. Businesses can view a summary of when, how much, and how often people are learning.

Various APIs are available to integrate Udemy?s online courses in company?s own Learning management system. They can also be used to retrieve employees? learning data, and for single sign-on through company?s intranet.

Companies can also white-label the portal with their own logo, select a URL for the company, create user groups to manage learning, and enable employees to customise their individual profiles.

Udemy has catered to 16 million students with its courses, and their customer base is growing everyday. With this increasing consumer base, instructors also have ample of opportunities to create online courses which teach skills that are needed to fill the skill gap that has emerged in the market with the advancement of technology and other changes in business practices.

Whether you are a learner, a teacher or a business, platforms like Udemy are the places you should be at to learn and teach skills that can make a difference in your career and life.

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